Sex Toys and Shows

Wow, I never realised just how many sex shops or private shops we have on our doorstep, yes we have the usual anne summers on the high street selling your everyday Rabbit Vibrators and Butt Plugs, lubes and sexy bondage lingerie too. But if you look a little closer at those shops with the blacked out windows on the side streets here and there and then you realise just how popular these places are. Some of us may find it a little bit embarrassing walking into these unbranded mysterious blacked out outfits but usually once you have plucked up the courage to walk in you will find a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere and nothing at all seedy and uncomfortable. 

 The amount of toys and sex aids available these days is astonishing, maybe your regular escort lady has a few in her bag that she may have demonstrated on an escort booking arranged by City Leeds Escorts, or maybe you have even bought her something yourself to take on a date with you. But the range of brands and shapes, sizes, materials always brings a smile to my face. Glass, plastic, rubber even stainless steel are available. Vibrating, smooth, ribbed, pulsing, radio controlled (sounds like fun), huge, slim, pink, black, the list goes on. and this is only the hand held variety, even more interesting are the range of sex machines and frames available. These are so large that they are hardly portable but once set up in your own pleasure dungeon or maybe just your front room if you are VERY openminded, lol, then I am sure these machines and harness frames are able to give many pleasurable hours of fun. 

 There are also virtual reality set ups available that apparently give visual AND physical stimulation, although these cost many thousands of pounds and we think it would be much much cheaper and straightforward to book one of our stunning REAL LIFE girls at City Leeds Escorts High Class Escort Agency whre we are sure you will be blown away with the real thing, I really cant see this virtual reality catching on, unless you are on some remote part of the world or evenmaybe in space? One thing for sure Although we cover the whole of Yorkshire including Leeds, and Sheffield, we dont have many ladies with their own space ship just yet!