Is Hot weather Sexy?


Sometimes I chat with the girls, see how they are doing, and  to have a bit of banter with them, something that comes up is when the weather is hot maybe it will be a busy day as all the clients will be feeling horny! Now is this a matter of fact? Is there more to it than watching the gorgeous females walking arount with less clothes on showing off their sexy legs, waists and other bits? Do we feel sexier because we are wearing less too? shorts, vest t shirt etc? does it make us feel like we are in holiday mode? Is this why we may feel like calling up an Escort to take this sexiness off our minds and into reality?

 Well apparently it may be as simple as sunshine makes us happy , we feel more upbeat and confident, flirty and attractive, so this then makes us feel sexier, also as people we are a vain lot, and if we need to wear less clothes due to the temperature, then we also tend to work out and excercise more to look better in less clothing! Excercise also increases sex drive due to hormone release so another knock on effect. 

 Obviously during sex heat is created along with body on body contact so things can get a little steamy in high temperatures and summer time, so its always wise to have a bedside fan at the ready for those steamy sessions along with a nice shower and fresh towels to freshen up after your summer sex session! remember lots of out gorgeous girls who offer Leeds Incalls have their own luxury private apartments and are well equipped to look after you and your desires this summer! Call us and visit for plenty of hot action with a top class models.